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Purchase – $1,499
Rental – $99 / month
3-Year Lease to Own: $59 / month

If renting or leasing, and if I damage my MedaCube by dropping it, knocking it over or other impact damage, or
allowing water or other liquids to come into contact with it, or attempting to open the unit or otherwise tamper
with it, I agree to pay PharmAdva $1,499 less the number of monthly payments I have made, and PharmAdva will
provide me with another MedaCube as a replacement.

If I return a nonworking or damaged unit and the damage is determined to be caused by misuse, I will pay
PharmAdva $1499 less the number of monthly payments I already made. For as long as I am paying $59/month on
time, I will get a replacement unit within 2-3 business day from the time I report to PharmAdva that my MedaCube
is no longer operating, if the reason for the unit not operating is not due to damage as described above.
The lease to own program allows a user to receive ownership of the MedaCube after 3 years (or 36 months) of $59
a month lease payment. If during the leasing period the MedaCube needs to be returned or I no longer want to
continue the leased contract, a buyout price will be issued to dissolve this agreement at time of return.
If Renting a MedaCube, and I would like to purchase the MedaCube outright, the total dollar value of 3 months of
payments may be applied to my purchase at time of conversion. Terms subject to change.

If I require cellular services instead of the provided Wi-Fi connection, I agree to pay the monthly service fees as
shown below. The current pricing terms are: ($20 – T-Mobile / $25 – AT&T / $30 – Verizon – per month) to
PharmAdva for the required data plan. There will be a one-time activation fee of ($30 – T-Mobile / $50 AT&T /
$100 – Verizon) for the cellular modem hardware. Current pricing terms are subject to change. If cellular
connection is needed, at the time of final order processing PharmAdva will advise on the best carrier based upon
your residence and connection strength.

If I fail to make the monthly payment I understand that connection to the network will be lost and I no longer will
be able to see my reports of the PharmAdva Portal and my MedaCube will not be able to send notifications of
refills required, missed doses, days of supply remaining, power outages, and other device notifications. If I fail to
keep the MedaCube connected to a wireless network, PharmAdva does not assume responsibility and liability for
delayed software updates for continued functionality.

I understand that I am responsible for filling the device accurately and making sure that the pills that are dispensed
are correct. I agree that in no way PharmAdva is responsible for the accuracy of my filling the device and taking my
pills. It is up to me to make sure this is correct. I agree that if the MedaCube is used improperly from its specified
functions, PharmAdva is not responsible for the result.

MedaCube purchase, rental & leased units will come with a 30-day money back guarantee. If a Purchased unit is in
need to be returned within a 6 months period upon delivery, PharmAdva will purchase the unit back for $250 USD.
Unit must be in working condition upon return and final buy-back is determined at time of return by PharmAdva.
Warranties on the various pricing options are as followed; Purchased agreement, 1 year. 3-year lease to own,
ceases after the 3-year period. Monthly rental will continue for as long as unit is in service.

I also agree that it is not PharmAdva’s responsibility to protect me from any adverse reactions caused by the
medications I take. My Doctor(s) prescribing my medications and my Pharmacist that prepares my prescriptions
are responsible for making sure the medications are safe for me to take. I agree that if I fail to respond to prompts
from my MedaCube to take my meds, and/or if I fail to fill the MedaCube on time or accurately, it is my fault.
I agree that PharmAdva is not responsible nor liable for any indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages
resulting from missed doses or incorrect doses.

I fully agree to the above conditions.

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