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Never miss taking a pill again.

The only automatic pill dispenser clinically proven to increase medication adherence.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Load up to 16 different medicines in the automatic pill dispenser boxes
  • Hold up to a 90 day supply of prescriptions
  • Quickly refill medications in under 2 minutes

Easy setup and bulk loading

  • Program in desired medication routine
  • See pictures of pills for each dose
  • Tilt sensor alerts for possible tampering or incorrect dosing/spillage
  • Lockable unit insures no tampering or spillage

Follow the prompts to set your routine

  • Only medication dispenser tested to significantly improve adherence in an FDA approved clinical trial
  • Patients took the correct dose 97% of the time versus only 49% prior to the MedaCube

Ultimate reliability and safety

MedaCube is different!

  • Fast Loading: bulk load up to 16 medicines for 90 days in minutes
  • No pre-sorting of pills and no hardware to assemble, saving time and reducing errors (unlike other medication dispensers)
  • Delivering: prepares each dose and alterts patient when ready
  • Reminders: automatically alterts via text or email if a dose is missed or when supply is low
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Keep your loved one safe in their home!

When I invented the MedaCube, I made it for my mother who struggled to take all of her pills. I also felt there was an unmet need in healthcare to include the care team on medications inside the home in real-time. The device now helps thousands of people take their medications properly, remain independent in their home, and out of the hospital or nursing home.

Dr. Michel J. Berg
Co-founder and Chief Medical Officer, PharmAdva
Director, University of Rochester Epilepsy Center
Professor, Department of Neurology

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Stay Independent

Buy the only automatic medication dispenser clinically proven to significantly increase medication adherence

Regain Peace of Mind

Helping Patients

  • Prepares and delivers right dosing at right time
  • Alerts patient when ready
  • Re-alerts (call or text) when late and if dose missed

Helping Caregivers

  • Alerts caregiver if any dose is missed (text, email, call)
  • Easy setup
  • “Need to refill” alerts when any medicine is low

Clinical Case Study in Adherence

A clinical study conducted by St. John Fisher College shows MedaCube improving medication adherence (taking medications correctly) in a group of patients from an average of 48% to an amazing 97%