MedaCube Features

Flexible Dosing

The MedaCube can hold up to 16 different medications, with up to a 90-day supply of each. You can set up the “As-Needed” feature for your patient if approved by his/her physician. You can set the amount of as needed medication per dispense. The MedaCube can dispense multiple doses scheduled throughout the day at customizable times.

Safety Features

In addition to being a useful tool for medication management, the MedaCube is also a strongbox for medication. The unit should always be locked unless a caregiver is loading it. A caregiver PIN limits patient access and protects essential features like medication schedules and dose quantities.

Normally the MedaCube is plugged in to a power outlet. However, it has a battery backup in case of a power outage. In fact, the MedaCube can operate on battery and dispense doses for 24 hours, and in some cases even longer.

All medication-containing bins are covered and sealed. The device has pill containment features active at all times between dispensing. The MedaCube is also tilt-aware. In case the MedaCube is tilted, dropped, or mishandled, the unit locks down and sends an alert to the caregiver.

Non-Pill Form Medications

Additionally, the MedaCube features a reminder system that can be used for non-pill form medications such as insulin, inhalers, etc. You can set multiple reminders during the day with your own custom recorded audio and on-screen text.

Additional Advanced Features

Narcotics & as-needed med reminders and limits

Reports on past usage

Change dosing remotely

Taking your pills is easy now

When MedaCube prompts you, touch the screen.

A drawer on the right pops out with your dose.

Simply tip the drawer to take your pills, then push in the drawer to close it.

That's it!

Clinical Case Study in Adherence

A clinical study conducted by St. John Fisher College shows MedaCube improving medication adherence (taking medications correctly) in a group of patients from an average of 48% to an amazing 97%