An adherence study by the St. John Fisher College of Pharmacy
MedaCube Users Take Their Meds on Time and in the Right Dosage

The following chart shows patients by number (1–18) and their adherence as a % of medications taken as prescribed. The blue “Baseline” is each patient’s adherence at the start of the study. The green columns show adherence results for each patient after 60 days with MedaCube. The patients are continuing to exhibit adherence of over 97% on average consistently after 18 months with MedaCube.

All patients in the study are on two or more medications. They have been chosen from pools of organ transplant and at risk for organ rejection in the event of medication non-compliance patients, Parkinson’s disease or other movement disorder patients that require frequent medication dosing, and others with high risk of hospital readmission due to medication regimen confusion.

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The MedaCube Automated Home Medication Dispenser study publication is available through PubMed of the National Institute of Health and through Journal for Healthcare Quality.

Medication non-adherence is putting health at risk
The cost of medication non-adherence:
  • A staggering 125,000 deaths happen every year as a result of taking medication incorrectly.
  • Did you know? 12% of hospital admissions are caused by medication non-adherence. These types of admissions can be decreased with the help of tools like the MedaCube.
  • 23% of nursing home admissions are caused by medication mismanagement, resulting in a loss of independence.
  • Medication non-adherence also has a huge monetary cost: $300 billion dollars per year are spent in the U.S. alone.

The Story of Kathleen

We couldn’t resist sharing some of the testimonials and feedback from our patients and caregivers using the MedaCube

"It's easy to adhere with this machine. I'd be lost without it."

Jeff B.


“I have to tell you this. This (MedaCube) has helped more than I can express. Before, I didn’t know what pills she was taking and when she was taking them. She didn’t know if she had taken them and her health was being affected. I can’t thank you enough.”

Jason B.

Son & Caregiver

"My dad would have had at least one hospitalization, a few ED visits, and a lot more doctors visits without his MedaCube. For caregivers, dad's MedaCube costs less than one hour of my time per month and saves at least a couple of hours per week. It gives my dad more privacy, dignity, and independence. Saves over $500/month for nursing Med management. Saves him being in an assisted living facility at additional $3000/month. Saves me paying an aid $120 per week to check if he got out of bed. Saves me from spending time talking to him about meds and if he is taking them right. Saves errors, insures compliance, keeps very expensive and dangerous meds secured. The value is totally there!"

Dr. Daniel M.

Son & Caregiver

“Dad benefits from it daily by being adherent to the medication schedule. He has learned how to use the touch screen very quickly, and has been using the MedaCube for 4 months now. I'm so grateful for this device. I've told countless other people about it already. If I could make it my full time job to educate others about it, I would! I couldn't ask for a better medication dispenser. Nor could I ask for a better support team.”

Terry A.

Caregiver, Family member

“I like this. I push the button, drawer comes out, I get pills into my cup, take my pills, I’m good. I like this better than a nurse telling me to take my pills and telling me what happens if I don’t. This is better than a nurse, this is the BEST nurse!”

Chris T.

Patient (taking about 500 pills/month)

"You have been amazingly responsive, and this system is far more reassuring, safe, less burdensome, and reliable than any manual system I could imagine."

Daniel M., MD

“It is that type of feedback that makes everything we do seem like the most important job in the world- or at least that person’s world. I have to tell you, I wish this product was available when my grandmother was living at home. I think this is a great product and service that serves many important purposes. Thank you for the opportunity to be involved with your company.”

Amanda G.

Caregiver, Health Services Professional

“It’s worth double the amount charged for it. It helps people.”

Craige R.

Patient, US Veteran

“Just wanted to let you know the install went very well last night. My daughters had fun setting up the audio reminder.”

Kari S.

NP-C, Nurse Manager at a Major Regional Hospital