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MedaCube is an automatic pill dispenser designed for people who are capable and full of life, but have a hard time remembering to take their medications. MedaCube reminds them to take their medications, automatically dispenses a 90-day supply of up to 16 different medications, & sends messages to their family & caregivers if they miss a dose, all without the need for presorting pills.

Bulk loading — up to a 90-day supply

When prompted  touch the

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MedaCube Features

  • Flexible Dosing
  • Safety Features
  • Non-Pill Form Medications
  • Hardware

The MedaCube can hold up to 16 different medications, with up to 90-day supply of each. You can set up the “As-Needed” feature for your patient if approved by his/her physician. You can set the amount of as needed medication per dispense. The MedaCube is able to dispense multiple dosing schedules throughout the day.

MedaCube is different!

  • Dispenses any combination of up to 16 different medications
  • Easy to use
  • Bulk loads up to a 90-day supply of each medication
  • No presorting of pills required
  • Built-in barcode scanner for fast, error-proof loading
  • Sends text messages if any doses are late or missed

How MedaCube Works

  • Load Medications

  • Set Dispensing Schedule

  • View Reports

  • Stay Connected


Touch the screen and take your pills. Simple.


Flexible dosing, safety features, data storage.


Connection through messages and alers.

MedaCube Reviews

Jason B., Son & Caregiver

I have to tell you this. This (MedaCube) has helped more than I can express. Before, I didn’t know what pills she was taking and when she was taking them. She didn’t know if she had taken them and her health was being affected. I can’t thank you enough.

Sandy R., Caregiver

I’m copying my brother-in-law, Dave, on this email so you have his contact information. He may be interested in a device for his elderly mother who has difficulty adhering to a medication schedule. It has been a blessing for us – hoping it will help others as well.

Chris T., Patient

I like this. I push the button, drawer comes out, I get pills into my cup, take my pills, I’m good. I like this better than a nurse telling me to take my pills and telling me what happens if I don’t. This is better than nurse, this is BEST nurse!

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Watch the story of Kathleen, a loving 86-year-old mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and MedaCube user.

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