Local business adding 132 jobs

Like the Keurig, this device sits on the kitchen counter but instead of pouring coffee, it hands out medication.

It’s an advanced version of your traditional pill organizer, designed to tackle what CEO of the company behind it, Jonathan Sacks says has become an issue in the country; patients not taking their meds.

“The latest study shows it was costing over $300 Billion in unnecessary medical claims costs a year. It’s also the leading cause of entry into nursing homes,” Sacks said.

The device, which doesn’t have an official name yet, is an idea that was created by Dr. Michel Berg, a neurologist at the University of Rochester.

PharmAdva came up with the system that prepares the pills in advance and prompts the user to take them.

The device has audio reminders, notifying patients or caregivers when it’s time to take medication and it can hold a 90 day supply.

It even sends text alerts and phone messages, alerting family members if their loved one hasn’t taken their medication.

It’s an opportunity that almost left the state, Sacks said had it not been for the state’s initiative, START-UP NY.

“It was a key decision factor staying in Rochester,” said Sacks.

The program helps businesses expand or move if they partner with New York colleges and universities and they’re exempt from state taxes for 10 years.

Sacks said despite the pressure and challenges of starting up a company, it’s an incentive he says is worth it.

“This concern that’s been expressed for many years that New York State is not a conducive environment for growing new business. And I think this is a step in the right direction,” said Sacks.

PharmAdva projects it will add 132 jobs, from sales, marketing and distribution.